Contract work

Higher returns, fewer worries Commercie BV will gladly take care of the entire production process for you and takes on complete responsibility. Tying, cutting leaves, or pruning? Well-organized and for a fixed price per unit. The experience is what makes the difference.


Flexible staff with all the necessary experience. Ideal for seasonal or part-time work. Our staff have experience in all types of horticulture, from tomato and sweet pepper cultivation to pot plants and cut flowers such as lilies, roses, chrysanthemums, anthuriums, and gerberas.


Recruitment without administration. With payrolling, Commercie BV takes over the role of the employer for administrative and legal matters, which means that you have more time for your day-to-day business activities while your financial risks are reduced.

Commercie knows horticulture like no other

More than 20 years of experience in horticulture in the Westland region. With its extensive experience and knowledge of tomato and sweet pepper cultivation, Commercie understands the processes and management of the complete production process. This is incredibly handy for businesses with little time and money to waste.

Commercie knows what is expected and does everything needed to carefully instruct its Eastern European employees, on and off the work floor. This approach has created a growing international network of experienced and motivated people. We are ready!

Knowledge and experience

He started as an employee in horticulture and ornamental plant cultivation. He learned all the tricks of the trade and was always ready to jump in when needed. With this experience Sevket Dogan understands the industry and Westland as no other and he founded Commercie BV in 1995. It was a great success. Together with his son, Aydin, he passes on this knowledge and sets people to work in vegetable and cut flower cultivation.

Tomato and sweet pepper cultivation

Do you need extra people for harvesting, cutting, picking, or pruning sweet peppers and tomatoes? Commercie has experienced employees who can provide short-term or long-term work. On temporary or contract work basis for a fixed price per square metre, kilogramme, or stalk. All our flex workers first gain the necessary experience before starting in the nursery.

Good employment practices

People determine the success of your business. So we do everything we can to keep our flex workers committed and motivated. Through a fixed weekly salary in accordance with the collective labour agreement of the Dutch Association of Intermediary Organizations and Temporary Employment Agencies (NBBU), and additional options for transport, housing, social care, and education, we inspire trust and appreciation in our employees. And this is something that our employees often remind us of.